DocuwikiDokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind. It is targeted at developer teams, workgroups and small companies. It has a simple but powerful syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki and eases the creation of structured texts. All data is stored in plain text files–no database is required.

DocuWiki in Action

If you’ve only ever heard the term “wiki” in regards to Wikipedia, you’re missing out. There are thousands of them online with some very specialized content—just look at the list at WikiIndex, a wiki about wikis. For example, the Wikimedia Foundation that keeps Wikipedia going also supports a dictionary called Wiktionary, a quote collection called Wikiquote, and a free news source called Wikinews, among others. Specialized wikis cover Star Trek (Memory Alpha), Star Wars (Wookieepedia), Muppets, music lyrics, how-to instructions, and every other thing you can think of.


DocuWiki is like a personal wiki.

You can think of a personal wiki like a bit of a catch-all binder. ~ Source

It can be used for anything, for example:

  • To outline your novel
  • Keep track of home improvement projects
  • Plan social events

The benefit of a personal wiki is that it has all of the core features you need from a wiki, such as cross-linking pages, without the bells and whistles necessary for collaborative work. ~ Source.

My DocuWiki

My wiki is a personal storage space for a variety of links and resources that I wanted to be able to access from anywhere.

View my DocuWiki (link coming)